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Welcome to the homepage of Youngstown State University Actuarial Science Club (YSUASC). YSUASC is the official student organization serving students who have academic and career interest in mathematics, statistics, and actuarial science.


Membership is open to all YSU students who are interested in taking actuarial exams or in learning more about actuarial science and the actuarial profession. Please feel free to use the following contact information to contact us about club membership and activities.

YSU Actuarial Science Club

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

One University Plaza, Lincoln 612

Youngstown, OH 44555

To contact us:



Our Club has sponsorship from Actex! Click here for a survey to complete.

Click here to visit Actex’s Website!

The Actuarial Foundations sponsors scholarships for undergrads and grads interested in actuarial science. Follow this link for more information.

The SOA funds a doctoral stipend for students pursuing graduate study in an actuary-related field. Follow this link for more information.

Are you interested in attending the Actuarial talks? See Activities page for details.







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