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STAT 3743 Brief Intro to R

STAT 3743 Brief Intro to R

Up there should be five (5) files:

The WebM video is definitely the highest quality, but you need a compatible browser/player to watch it. Check below to see if your web browser supports the videos, and if not, see How to watch the video for instructions to get one.

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A transcript of the R code typed during the screencast (with output omitted) is here. You should be able to copy-paste those commands into an R session and duplicate that shown in the video. For a more detailed introduction read the Brief Intro PDF available here, which is an abbreviated version of Chapter 2 in IPSUR.

The video has been embedded below in two (2) alternative free formats: Ogg-Theora and WebM. If you cannot view at least one of the videos below then you likely do not have a browser that supports the HTML5 video tag. Go to the How to watch the video page to get up to speed.

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