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STAT 3743 Daily Outline

STAT 3743 Daily Outline

Up there should be four (4) files:

The WebM video is definitely the highest quality, but you need a compatible browser/player to watch it. See How to watch the video for instructions to get one.

2010-09-08 Wed

Measure of spread: range

Advantages and disadvantages

Ex: stack.loss

Sample skewness

Sample excess kurtosis

Exploratory data analysis

More on stemplots

Ex: faithful$eruptions

Hinges and the Five number summary

Upper, lower hinges




Visual display of the 5NS

Can judge CUSS


Potential versus suspected

Rules of thumb for both

Ex: rivers

Standardizing variables

Measure of relative standing: z-score


Ex: precip

Bi/Multivariate data

Data frames: rectangular arrays of data

Access columns of data frames in multiple ways

Author: G. Jay Kerns <>

Date: 2010-10-08 15:16:59 EDT

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