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STAT 3743 Daily Outline

STAT 3743 Daily Outline

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2010-09-20 Mon

Selecting ordered samples

Selecting unordered samples

More about binomial coefficients, Pascal's triangle

Birthday problem

Poker hands

Conditional probability

Example: draw 2 cards, without replacement


Example: toss a coin twice

Example: toss a die twice


  • P(B|A) nonnegative
  • P(S|A) = 1
  • cond. prob of disjoint union is sum of cond. probs

More properties

Multiplication rule
P(A and B) = P(A)*P(B|A)

Mult. rule for several events


Good example: transferred ball


Example: toss two coins

Definition, intuition

Proposition: A, B independent then so are complements

Mutual Independence

Example: toss 100 coins

Pairwise doesn't imply mutual

Example: computers in series

Bayes' Rule

The theorem


What does it mean?

Author: G. Jay Kerns <>

Date: 2010-10-08 15:18:47 EDT

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