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STAT 3743 Daily Outline

STAT 3743 Daily Outline

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2010-09-22 Wed

What does [Bayes' Rule] mean?

Example: misfiling assistants

Random variables


Support set


Discrete random variables

Tools of the trade


Probability mass functions (PMFs)

Every PMF satisfies…

Example: toss coin four times, X = #Heads

  • set up function, find PMF, draw graph

Mean, variance, standard deviation

  • calculate mean for previous example


  • μ can be any number
  • μ is measure of center
  • interpretation

Cumulative distribution functions (CDFs)



  • nondecreasing
  • right-continuous
  • limits at infinity

Example: toss coin 3 times

  • find CDF

Discrete uniform distribution

Definition, PMF, notation


Find mean and variance of =disunif=(m)

Example: find mean/variance for rolling die

Bernoulli/Binomial model

Bernoulli model

Mean and variance

Binomial model

  • n Bernoulli trials
  • trials independent
  • prob p doesn't change

Definition, PMF, notation

Check sum of f(x) is 1

Binomial series

Find mean, variance of =binom=(n,p)

Example: five child family

How to do it with R

Example: roll 15 dice

Find/plot binomial CDFs

Connection to distr*** family of packages

Author: G. Jay Kerns <>

Date: 2010-10-08 15:19:16 EDT

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