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STAT 3743 Daily Outline

STAT 3743 Daily Outline

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2010-10-20 Wed

Example: SRS(40) have μ = 21 and σ = 7. Find probability for X-bar.

Student's t distribution and the F distribution

Student's t

where it comes from, notation


  • looks like norm but with heavy tails
  • as df gets large approaches norm(0,1)

Why it's called "Student's t" and William Sealy Gosset

F distribution

where it comes from, notation

Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher and Snedecor

Graphs of the PDF

If F ~ f(n1,n2) then 1/F ~ f(n2,n1)

Other types of sampling distributions

Two norm samples, difference in means

Simulation based


Maximum likelihood

Example: go fishing, count the number of sharks

Likelihood function, L

Maximize L, for us, with derivative

X-bar pops out of nowhere!

Author: G. Jay Kerns

Date: 2010-11-05 14:45:14 EDT

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