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STAT 3743 Daily Outline

STAT 3743 Daily Outline

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2010-11-03 Wed

Basic hypothesis testing procedure

  1. set up hypotheses, collect some data
  2. assume null is true, construct 95% CI for parameter
  3. if CI doesn't cover null value, reject H0, otherwise, don't reject

More terminology

Tests of hypotheses for one proportion (asymptotic)

Draw pictures

Example: observe bunch of shotguns, do hypothesis test

Example: do another hypothesis test, but for different significance levels

p-value of a hypothesis test

Example: find p-value for previous test

Hypothesis testing: "reject H0 if p-value is small"

Tests of hypotheses for two proportions

For one mean and/or one variance

Given SRS(n) from norm, unknown mean

For means

  • σ known: z-tests for one mean
  • σ unknown: t-tests for one mean

If σ unknown but n is large then use z-test

Example: SRS(9) from norm, hypothesis test for the mean, find p-value

Author: G. Jay Kerns

Date: 2010-11-05 14:58:44 EDT

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